How to make money using your photos

If you are professional photographer you are already making money with your photos, but if photography is your hobby and you have a lot of pictures sitting on your hard drive and “collecting dust” then it’s time to make some money. There are lots of ways of making money using your camera and your skills, but today most of the hobbyist use microstock agencies to market and sell their photos. Those agencies sell photos for RF (Royalty Free) usage and they pay you from $.20 to $2.00 per photo sold depending on the size of the image. At first you may think what can you do with $.20, but if the composition and the subject of your photo are right then your photo could make a $100 over a year.

The microstock agencies sell photos at an affordable price so everybody can buy and use those photos legally. Because the images are affordable they get downloaded over and over again so the money add up quickly. The best strategy for making money with the microstock agencies is to have a large portfolio with different subjects which gets updated often.   

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